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12/15/2015 Experts Say Immune System in Brain Could Help Remove Amyloid Plaques
12/09/2015  FDA Continues Monthly Stakeholder Consultation on PDUFA and MDUFA
05/18/2015 ACT-AD Offers Comment on 21st Century Cures Act
04/22/2015 ACT-AD Calls for $200 Million Increase in FY 2016 Appropriated Funding for FDA
04/13/2015 The APECS Study is a clinical research study evaluating an oral investigational medication that may help slow down the progression of what could be very early Alzheimer’s disease. Learn more here.
03/16/2015  ACT-AD Calls for $200 Million Increase in FY 2016 Appropriated Funding for FDA  
11/06/2014 Leading Experts Discuss Clinical Meaningfulness in Drug Development for Early Alzheimer’s Disease. ACT-AD Coalition Hosts Its 7th Annual Meeting. 
07/01/14 BIO 2014′s session titled “Regulatory Transformation: As Alzheimer’s Disease Science, Research and Advocacy Move Toward Earlier Detection and Intervention, How Will Researchers Adapt to this Evolution?” discussed progress and challenges facing researchers and the collaborative efforts between the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and patient advocacy groups to help them find a cure. The session featured the work of ACT-AD.
04/07/14 Health Affairs examines implications of Alzheimer’s and the state of research in special issue supported by Accelerate Cure/Treatments for Alzheimer’s Disease (ACT-AD), the Alzheimer’s Association, Eli Lilly and Company, and Janssen Research & Development, LLC.
06/13/13 As potential AD drugs continue to post disappointing Phase 2/3 results, many in the field are considering upping the artillery by testing experimental drugs in combination.
05/30/13 Recommendations to Develop a Roadmap to Alzheimer’s Disease Combination Therapy Issued From Meeting of Regulatory, Industry, Research and Funding Leaders
02/14/13 Combination Trials Series
02/11/13 Following Katz at FDA
11/12/12 CTAD:Regulatory Science Gains Prominence in AD Research
12/09/11 Leading Researchers and FDA Meet on Recent Phase II Experience in Current Alzheimer’s Disease Clinical Trials
09/24/09 Rock On, Capitol! Survey Finds Alzheimer’s a Priority With Voters
09/24/09 New Survey Finds Alzheimer’s Disease a “National Priority,” with Voter Support Across Party Lines for Congressional Action and Faster FDA Review of New Therapies
08/20/09 Less Stringent Clinical Improvement Standards Proposed for Trials of New Therapies for Early Alzheimer Disease
07/21/09 ACT-AD Hosts FDA Scientific Workshop on Clinical Meaningfulness Across All Disease States
03/13/08 Alzheimer Activism:How to Modernize Clinical Trials?
03/13/08 ACT-AD Hosts FDA Scientific Workshop on Alzheimer’s Disease
06/5/07 Avalere Health Compares FDA Review of Several Categories of Drugs Including Alzheimer’s Disease
05/14/07 Nationally Recognized Researchers Provide First Economic Projections Of Social Value Of Treatments That Delay Onset Of Alzheimer’s Disease
11/14/06 ACT-AD Coalition Calls FDA’s New Focus in Neurological Disease a Positive First Step
04/27/06 First Major Survey of Baby Boomer Attitudes on Alzheimer’s Shows Fear About Their Own Future and Frustration Over Pace of New Drug Approvals