2009 Newsletter Archive

January 2009

Alzheimer’s Advocate vol. 13

Daschle Remarks on FDA Leadership

NIA Progress Report and PBS Special Focus on Alzheimer’s Disease Research


February 2009

Alzheimer’s Advocate vol. 14

Editorial Examines the Need for Changes in Clinical Trials

Congress Acts on FY 2009 Funding for the Food and Drug Administration

Task Force Calls for Changes to National Institutes of Health Intramural Research Program


March 2009

Alzheimer’s Advocate vol. 15

Obama Administration Chooses New FDA Leadership

Progress Reported in Biomarker Tests for Alzheimer’s Disease

National Alzheimer’s Plan is Unveiled to Congress


April 2009

Alzheimer’s Advocate vol. 16

National Institute on Aging and HBO Produce Documentary on Alzheimer’s Disease

ACT-AD Welcomes New Corporate Sponsor


May 2009

Alzheimer’s Advocate vol. 17

New Funding and Leadership for the FDA

Campaign Launched to Urge Family Discussions about Alzheimer’s Disease

GQ and the Geoffrey Beene Alzheimer’s Initiative Honor “Rock Stars of Science”


June 2009

Alzheimer’s Advocate vol. 18

House Appropriations Committee Adopts Appropriations Bill Granting FDA Increased Funding

ACT-AD to Host Upcoming Scientific Workshop on Clinical Meaningfulness


July 2009

Alzheimer’s Advocate vol. 19

ACT-AD Hosts Second Scientific Workshop on Clinical Meaningfulness in Alzheimer’s Disease

2009 International Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease Sheds new Light on the Economic Burden of Alzheimer’s


August 2009

Alzheimer’s Advocate vol. 20

Bill Introduced to Create an Office of the National Alzheimer’s Project

Senate Passes bill for Fiscal Year 2010 Appropriations for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)


September 2009

Alzheimer’s Advocate vol. 21

ACT-AD Survey Finds that Alzheimer’s is a National Priority among Voters

“Diagnosing Dementia: See it Sooner” the Theme for World Alzheimer’s Day 2009

Upcoming Event Hosted by ACT-AD Member FasterCures


October 2009

Alzheimer’s Advocate vol. 22

2009 National Memory Screening Day to be held November 17th

Food and Drug Administration 2010 Appropriations Signed Into Law


November 2009

Alzheimer’s Advocate vol. 23

Alzheimer’s Treatment and Caregiver Support Act Introduced in Congress

2009 National Memory Screening Day Promoted Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness


December 2009

Alzheimer’s Advocate vol. 24

A Look Back on 2009