September 2009

ACT-AD Survey Finds that Alzheimer’s is a National Priority among Voters

ACT-AD recently commissioned a voter sentiment survey to gauge American’s attitudes towards Alzheimer’s disease, the importance they place on finding a cure for the disease, and what policies they would support to ease the burden of the disease on patients and their families. The survey found that three-quarters of Americans nationwide and across party lines feel it is personally important to them to find a cure or to prevent Alzheimer’s disease, while an even larger percentage say they look to Congress to make it “a national priority” to speed up the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) review process for therapies that slow, halt or reverse the disease.  Voters in large numbers also said that they do not believe that they would be able to cover the personal cost of Alzheimer’s care.  The results of the survey demonstrated that likely voters would consider candidates positions on Alzheimer’s policy issues before casting a vote.for or against them in the future.

This data reflects a growing sense of urgency among voters determined not to become victims of this devastating disease.  Daniel Perry, chair of ACT-AD, reacted to the data by stating, “We are on the verge of becoming the next generation of Alzheimer’s casualties, and yet we have access to the same number of treatments to slow or stop the disease that our parents and grand parents had – none… It should come as no surprise that Americans are telling their representatives to find answers to this problem before it is too late.”  The ACT-AD coalition will use the findings from this survey to help inform the growing national debate on how best to accelerate better treatments and a cure for AD..

The survey was conducted jointly by a Democratic and a Republican public opinion research firm, Lake Research Partners and American Viewpoint.   Key findings were presented September 24th at the “Rock Stars of Science” summit held on Capitol Hill. ACT-AD received unrestricted grant support for the survey from Wyeth and Elan.

To view the full survey report and key findings, click here and here.

To view the ACT-AD Press Release about the survey, click here.

“Diagnosing Dementia: See it Sooner” the Theme for World Alzheimer’s Day 2009

September 21 was officially World Alzheimer’s Day 2009, a project founded by Alzheimer’s Disease International.  The theme of this year’s World Alzheimer’s Day was “Diagnosing Dementia: See it Sooner.” A heavy emphasis was placed on raising awareness of the importance of early diagnosis.  Conferences, lectures, courses, and and other events took place across the world to once again draw attention to the devastating disease.  Materials and activities were also aimed at  encouraging physicians and other medical professionals to recognize the key symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer’s when evaluating a patient.

Upcoming Event Hosted by ACT-AD Member FasterCures

ACT-AD Coalition member FasterCures is hosting a meeting December 1-3 in New York, NY.  The unique meeting, entitled “Partnering for Cures”, will bring together the philanthropists, commercial entities, and non-profit advocacy organizations that drive medical research in this country.  The goal is to facilitate further connections between key players in the medical research community in the hopes of developing new therapies or cures for devastating diseases and conditions, like Alzheimer’s disease.

To read more about the meeting and register to attend, click here.