2010 Newsletter Archive

January 2010

Alzheimer’s Advocate vol. 25

Outlook for the FDA Underscores the Need for Greater Investment in the Agency

ACT-AD Member Hosts 4th Annual Drug Discovery for Neurodegeneration Conference


February 2010

Alzheimer’s Advocate vol. 26

National Alliance for Caregiving to Present at 2010 “Aging in America” Conference

NIH to Host Conference on Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease and Cognitive Decline


March 2010

Alzheimer’s Advocate vol. 27

FDA to Hold Public Hearing on the Prescription Drug User Fee Act Reauthorization

ACT-AD Welcomes New Corporate Sponsor

ACT-AD Member to Host Symposium on Mitochondrial Function in Alzheimer’s

Upcoming Patient Advocacy Reception on Imaging


April 2010

Alzheimer’s Advocate vol. 28

ACT-AD Chair Makes Remarks on Prescription Drug User Fee Act Reauthorization

Patient Groups Seek Funding for New Cures Acceleration Network


May 2010

Alzheimer’s Advocate vol. 29

Poll Finds Strong Support for Collaboration on Research

ACT-AD Chair Stresses the Importance of Regulatory Science in Alzheimer’s Disease

Launch of New Alzheimer’s Clinical Trial Database


June 2010

Alzheimer’s Advocate vol. 30

FDA Continues Stakeholder Outreach on PDUFA Reauthorization

Public–Private Partnership Launches New Clinical Trial Database


July 2010

Alzheimer’s Advocate vol. 31

Congress Acts to Increase Funding for FDA

ACT-AD and the International Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease


September 2010

Alzheimer’s Advocate vol. 33

White House Highlights Alzheimer’s Disease Challenges

ACT-AD Member Hosts 8th Annual National Memory Screening Day

Notable Experts Join Launch of Alzheimer’s Disease Movement


October 2010

Alzheimer’s Advocate vol. 34

ACT-AD to Host Workshop on Streamlining Phase II Clinical Trials

Alzheimer’s and Aging Advocates Partner to Highlight NIA Research on Capitol Hill

AFA to Host 8th Annual National Memory Screening Day


Novemeber 2010

Alzheimer’s Advocate vol. 35

ACT-AD to Host Alzheimer’s Allies Meeting on Streamlining Phase II Trials

7 Summits Climb

GAO Appoints ACT-AD Member to CER Board


December 2010

Alzheimer’s Advocate vol. 36

Congress Passes Legislation to Establish a National Office on Alzheimer’s Disease

Advocates Meet with NIH Director on Urgent Need for Increased NIA Funding