2011 Newsletter Archive

January 2011

Alzheimer’s Advocate vol. 37

Filling the Gap

ACT-AD Chair Weighs in on AD Biomarkers at Advisory Committee Meeting


February 2011

Alzheimer’s Advocate vol. 38

President Releases FY2012 Budget

Highlights from the 5th Drug Discovery for Neurodegeneration Conference


March 2011

Alzheimer’s Advocate vol. 39

FDA Commissioner Testifies on FY2012 Budget

ACT-AD Member Unveils New Care Crossroads Website

Upcoming Reception on Imaging and Advances in Patient Care


April 2011

Alzheimer’s Advocate vol. 40

Congress Approves Increased Funding for FDA

CNN to Air Special on the Alzheimer’s Epidemic


May 2011

Alzheimer’s Advocate vol. 41

House Subcommittee Cuts Funding to FDA


June 2011

Alzheimer’s Advocate vol. 42

House Approves Funding Cuts to FDA

FDA, Industry, agree on PDUFA V

Congressional Briefing to be Held on Alzheimer’s and the Next Generation of Innovations and Therapies


July 2011

Alzheimer’s Advocate vol. 43

Commissioner Stresses the Importance of User Fees Before Senate Committee

FDA Center for Drug Evaluation and Research develops strategic science and research agenda

ACT-AD Chair speaks to BioCentury This Week about PDUFA V


August 2011

Alzheimer’s Advocate vol. 44

FDA Releases Regulatory Science Plan

HHS Announces NAPA Advisory Council Membership

The Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation to Host 12th International Conference on Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery


September 2011

Alzheimer’s Advocate vol. 45

Senate Committee Acts to Approve More Funds for FDA

ACT-AD to Host an Experts’ Dinner in San Diego

Alzheimer’s Advocate and Mountaineer Climbs Mt. Kilimanjaro in Honor of World Alzheimer’s Day

The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America to Host 9th Annual National Memory Screening Day


October 2011

Alzheimer’s Advocate vol. 46

ACT-AD to Hold Annual FDA/AD Allies Meeting on Phase II Trials

ACT-AD Chair Makes Remarks on Prescription Drug User Fee Program

New Alzheimer’s Disease Health Center Launches on VisualMD.com

Effort to Discover the Keys to Alzheimer’s Disease Continues


November 2011

Alzheimer’s Advocate vol. 47

ACT-AD to Hold Annual FDA/AD Allies Meeting on Phase II Trials

ACT-AD and the Clinical Trials on Alzheimer’s Disease Conference

ACT-AD Member Releases New Study on Caregiver Health

Congress Acts to Increase Funding for FDA


December 2011

Alzheimer’s Advocate vol. 48

ACT-AD Holds Annual FDA/AD Allies Meeting on Phase II Trials

Working Group of Experts Release Review on Biomarkers for Alzheimer’s Disease

ACT-AD Chair Speaks About Expedited Drug Pathways