2013 Newsletter Archive

January 2013

Alzheimer’s Advocate vol. 59

Redesigned ACT-AD.org Officially Launches

Advisory Council Meeting on National Alzheimer’s Plan Implementation

Sequester Delayed; Cuts Still Loom Over FDA

Galien Forum Features Panel on Alzheimer’s Disease


February 2013

Alzheimer’s Advocate vol. 60

Sequester Cuts Loom Large at FDA

Series Features ACT-AD Meeting on Combination Therapies

ACT-AD Chair Quoted by BioCentury on FDA Retirement and AD Guidance


March 2013

Alzheimer’s Advocate vol. 61

NIH to Hold Alzheimer’s Disease-Related Dementias Research Conference

FDA Clarifies Guidance on Early Stage Alzheimer’s Therapy Approval

SAVE THE DATE: May 28-30, 2013 ACT-AD Expert Consensus Retreat on Combination


April 2013

Alzheimer’s Advocate vol. 62

ACT-AD to Hold Expert Consensus Retreat on Combination Therapies

ACT-AD Weighs In on FDA Guidance on Early AD Development

Alzheimer’s Research Would Get $80 Million Increase Under Obama’s 2014 Budget


May 2013

Alzheimer’s Advocate vol. 63

ACT-AD Hosts Multi-Day Expert Retreat on Combination Therapies

NIH Director Defends Budget Increase in the Senate

NIH Holds Summit on Alzheimer’s Disease-Related Dementias

ACT-AD Member to Host 14th Annual International Conference on Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery


June 2013

Alzheimer’s Advocate vol. 64

ACT-AD Meeting on Combination Therapies Featured in the Alzheimer Research

ACT-AD Supports National Memory Screening Day

Congress Acts on FY 2014 Funding for the FDA

HHS Releases Revised National Plan to Address Alzheimer’s Disease

ACT-AD Member Hosts Women’s Health Research Conference

Critical Path Institute Marks Milestone Regulatory Decision


July 2013

Alzheimer’s Advocate vol. 65

Bipartisan Bill Exempting FDA User Rees from Sequestration Introduced in House

National Institute on Aging Debuts Database for Cognitive Impairment Screening Tools

AFA Accepting Nominations for 2013 Dementia Care Professional of the Year Award

The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America to Host 11th Annual National Memory Screening Day


August/September 2013

Alzheimer’s Advocate vol. 66

FDA to Hold Annual Second Patient Network Meeting

ACT-AD Sends Letters of Support for Bipartisan Bills Protecting FDA User Fees from Sequester

ACT-AD Member to Host 14th Annual International Conference on Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery


October 2013

Alzheimer’s Advocate vol. 67

Senator Jerry Moran Pens Alzheimer’s Editorial

FDA Backlogged After Shutdown

PhRMA Addresses Alzheimer’s Therapy Development

New York Academy of Science to Host Alzheimer’s Summit


November 2013

Alzheimer’s Advocate vol. 68

ACT-AD Has a Presence at CTAD 2013

FDA User Fees Get Congressional Support

Alzheimer’s Foundation of America Hosts 11th Annual National Memory Screening Day

Alzheimer’s Foundation of America and the National Alliance for Caregiving to Hold Conference on NAPA Implementation

Alzheimer’s Registry to Aid in Clinical Trial Recruitment


December 2013

Alzheimer’s Advocate vol. 69

Congressional Budget Deal to Ease Strain on FDA

NIH Deposits First Batch of Genomic Data for Alzheimer’s Disease Database

ACT-AD Advisory Council Members Hold Caregiver Conference on National Alzheimer’s Plan

ACT-AD Member Hosts 8th Drug Discovery for Neurodegeneration Conference