2012 Newsletter Archive

January 2012

Alzheimer’s Advocate vol. 49

National Alzheimer’s Project Act Draft Framework Released

Congress to Hear Recommendations for User Fee Reauthorization

Alzheimer’s Challenge 2012 Introduced at Care Innovations Summit

ACT-AD Member Hosts 6th Drug Discovery for Neurodegeneration Conference


February 2012

Alzheimer’s Advocate vol. 50

PDUFA V Reauthorization Process Advances to Congress

Two-Year Bolus of Funding for Alzheimer’s Research Announced

NIA to Hold Alzheimer’s Disease Research Summit


March 2012

Alzheimer’s Advocate vol. 51

PDUFA V Reauthorization Update

ACT-AD Supports Increase in FDA Appropriations

ACT-AD Chair Speaks to BioCentury This Week About Alzheimer’s Funding and Biomarkers


April 2012

Alzheimer’s Advocate vol. 52

FDA FY 2013 Appropriations Update

User Fee Reauthorization Update

NAPA Advisory Council on Alzheimer’s Research, Care and Services, Releases Revised Draft National Plan to Address Alzheimer’s Disease

REMINDER: HHS and NIA to Hold Alzheimer’s Disease Research Summit


May 2012

Alzheimer’s Advocate vol. 53

User Fee Reauthorization Update

ACT-AD Represented at First-Ever FDA Patient Network Meeting on Risk-Benefit Analysis

NIA Holds Alzheimer’s Disease Research Summit


June 2012

Alzheimer’s Advocate vol. 54

User Fee Reauthorization Update

FDA Appropriations Update

NAPA to Hold Advisory Council Meeting Next Month

Winner of Alzheimer’s Challenge 2012 Announced


July/August 2012

Alzheimer’s Advocate vol. 55

User Fee Reauthorization Update

NAPA Holds July Advisory Council Meeting

ACT-AD Member Events


September 2012

Alzheimer’s Advocate vol. 56

ACT-AD to Hold Annual FDA/AD Allies Meeting on Combination Therapies and Pre-Competitive Collaboration

ACT-AD to Have a Presence at CTAD 2012

PhRMA Holds Inaugural Research and Hope Awards in Washington, DC

ACT-AD Chair Sends Letter to Congressional Leadership Concerning Sequester Cuts to FDA

Join ACT-AD and Its Allies in Spreading Congressional Petition to End Alzheimer’s Disease


October 2012

Alzheimer’s Advocate vol. 57

ACT-AD to Hold Annual FDA/AD Allies Meeting on Combination Therapies

NAPA Holds October Advisory Council Meeting

FDA Holds First Public Meeting on Patient-Focused Drug Development

The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America to Host 10th Annual National Memory Screening Day


November 2012

Alzheimer’s Advocate vol. 58

ACT-AD Represented at the 5th Clinical Trials in Alzheimer’s Disease Conference

ACT-AD Holds Annual FDA/AD Allies Meeting on Combination Therapies

ACT-AD Leads Advocacy Group Comments to FDA Regarding Patient-Focused Drug Development